TANUSSI, a company founded by Pavlos Tanoussis, aims to meet the increasing market demands for specialized merchandise and technical support provided to contemporary cheese-makers and farmers. Consequently, the company’s growth, following the market’s expansion and adopting the latest technical developments, is based on various activities, such as participation in exhibitions, educational seminars and training overseas.

The traditional structure of TANUSSI, combined with its highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment, hasn’t lost its personal touch and friendly approach towards suppliers and clients.

Within this cooperation and associates network, TANUSSI has managed to expand its activities geographically in Albania with great success.


Founders & Administration

The company’s founders and Administration have worked for the most prominent companies in the entire sector of merchandise and services provided to cheese makers and farmers. They boast exceptional know-how and a vast experience with which to effectively deal with complex situations and offer multifaceted technical support solutions, with a distinctive competitive advantage.


Our Goal

The company’s objective and continuous effort is to offer its clients – cheese makers and farmers – the confidence of the state-of-the-art equipment in use, which will always be modern and efficient, to comply with the increasing demands of the European Union in the food and, by extension, in the raw materials sector.